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The Barber Pro Series was an entry-level open-wheel auto racing series from 1986 to 2003. The races were primarily on road and street courses in North America, although the schedule did sometimes include a few ovals.

The Barber Pro Series was a spec series, in which all cars were identically prepared by Skip Barber Racing. For many years the series was known as the Barber Saab Pro Series; the spec car was a tube-frame Mondiale chassis (basically a Formula Ford 2000 design) powered by a turbocharged 16 valve Saab H engine. For the seasons 1986 and 1987 the cars used street-legal racing tires, but for the 1988 season they used Goodyear Racing Eagle slicks instead.

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8 months 7 days ago

We had a small meet yesterday in New Jersey and adjunct to the directions I posted that it would be the turn after the yellow Lotus Europa that has been, for all intents, “abandoned” at this small gas station for ages.

On the way out I drove that block or two east to make sure it was still there and sure enough, that poor sad car …

Window half duct taped up, tires flat but ….. it still had a Skip Barber Driving School badge on it .

The stories that car could tell in it’s glory days.

8 months 10 hours ago

Does anyone know what happened to the race series cars? Were they scrapped or are there any surviving?

8 months 3 hours ago

There was one in the GM Heritage Collection and was later sold to Tom Donney together with many more Saabs from that collection. Here is a video at an event: