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Ad post date: 25 February 2017
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Circumstance prompts post else would not invite this classic Saab “wish I hadn’t sold it” moment. Black 900T / tan interior with 215k miles offered needing cash for other use. Periodically exercised on nearby country road runs since 2002. Till then gave 5 years of daily transport and memorable road trips. New and rebuilt parts included to install and enjoy living history of Swedish rapid transit.

Acquired in Virginian 1997 as 3rd owner. Adult driven and maintained mostly road trip miles. Contemporary NG900 and later 9-5’s assumed daily duties when semi-retired in 2002. NONE as fun so this last year pre-GM era Saab stayed as family (see photo).

Serviced most always by Saab Techs as at Atlantic Autowerks in VA, Tom Townsend in NC, and K&N Automotive in MI.
Body: Original except lift deck & panel professionally re-coated. Has lifting quarter panel spot and hood edge fade. Under-carriage requires typical area c900 spot metalwork.
Interior: Seats and carpet removed, bagged, tagged to expose floor for topside access.
Mechanical: Last Saab tech service was timing chain replace. Alternator and transmission rebuilt. Wandering idle vac leak, lower A-arm (still functional at edge of align spec) and battery replace needed.

Included parts/source: Catalytic converter/Magnaflow, 2.5” Cat-back performance exhaust/Swedish Dynamics, Exhaust shield/Saab Parts, Rear rotors, pads, antenna/eEurope. Safe-T-Kit fabricated rail reinforcement (for usual battery side application). Rebuilt L&R drive axles/best option found. Faux-sheep-coat front seat covers for use till needed front originals addressed.

Following install of included maintenance parts, drive while reviving interior/exterior over time to a level desired. History, details, research to support update effort – Just ask.

Offered is 1982 XJ650 Yamaha Turbo Seca with only 6,400 miles. Needs battery, fuel system clean, engine check. Very clean and fast. Add only $490 if Saab is bought to have a unique turbo family. Photo shows both 900T (left side rear) and bike behind Saab Dog "BB Pepper". Bike shown without skins also boxed, bagged & tagged. I prefer cafe racer semi-Norton look. One can easily install included aero-covers to restore factory dress.

Both provide conversation pieces individually. Garage-mates amuse as drive/ride makes & models of fictional James Bond in novels License Renewed (1981), For Special Services (1982), Icebreaker (1983) and film Never Say Never Again (1983). Classic Saab 900T and turbo bike as offered here are REAL as entertaining projects and rides.
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