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Ad post date: 24 June 2017
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Price just slashed: Now $1,495.00 USD or 1.250,00 EURO 1,100.00 Pound sterling (GBP) \ was previously $1,565.00 USD or 1.400,00 EURO or 1,230.00 Pound sterling (GBP) \ old price. 68,910 miles U.S. / 110900 km on the Odometer. Pick-up and transport plus all other fees; taxes and/or charges are at purchasers expense. Buy this Vehicle, before before Halloween ! SAAB 9-5 (Registration, First Date = May 16, 2001); has 2 Liter 4-Cylinder Gasoline Motor (the fan belt pully path needs repair the harmonic balancer pully has failed). Silver-metallic, 4-door, 150 Horsepower, SAAB Information Display (SID-1), automatic transmission, automatic climate control (ACC), RHD light walnut dashboard plate, SAAB Audio System is the Premium Package (CD-Player & Cassette-Player), power stirring, leather seating, Just passed the Biannual Inspection for Germany in Feb. 2017. If you want to invest in the fan belt pully path repair costs or if you can get the fan belt pully path parts, this vehicle might be for you. I am selling - As in Current Condition. Pick-up and transport away from current location are at the purchaser's costs. UK parties - get a hold of this car before the BREXIT, as the import & conversion fees might increase. This vehicle is for Heavy SAAB Fans who want to put this SAAB 9-5 on the road with a repaired (or an exchanged fan belt pully path). Several parties have already expressed interest, don't let the competition beat you. Attention: Don't bother: Junkers desiring a quick profit for junking this vehicle in Europe or another region - Forget It, keep looking elsewhere - It will be my pleasure to ignore you.
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